WriteSeen is a movement for every single writer on earth!

Jonathon Nimmons
Apr 9, 2022

No Competitions. No Reader Evaluations. No Barriers.

When J.K. Rowling submitted Harry Potter to every publisher in the UK, they all turned her down but one, who infamously took a chance of gifting it to their granddaughter to read at her own leisure. Upon this almost fateful granddaughter finishing Harry Potter and unable to contain her excitement, they offered J.K. Rowling a publishing deal. My point, who has the right to judge creation? No one, it’s of the perspective of the individual and we’re all tarnished with bias, we don’t openly admit it, but we all have our own pet like and hate.
So, my answer to that is to show the entire world of Industry Professionals and give every aspiring or proven writer a chance and choice of who they move forward with. Those Industry Professionals who believe in your literature will step forward and reveal themselves through WriteChat. Imagine J.K. Rowling of the 90s having access to a platform like this back then, how much time would we of saved her on the quest to publication? Imagine she had that global exposure immediately from a single submission. The chances of probability fall in her favour, and she may have ultimately been recognised sooner.

That’s exactly what WriteSeen is about, it’s worldwide exposure to only trusted and credible Industry Professionals, each one carefully selected, who bear the opportunity to see content in their anonymity and we must respect that. As passionate as we writers are, we often slip into the trap of harassing the industry to be seen, to break in for our content to be set free upon a world who might just embrace and applaud our creative voice. So, to mend what I consider an outdated process, we must acknowledge both parties for this to work.

Writer’s face 3 major problems & WriteSeen is their solution

Problem 1: Being a writer is like pick locking door after door, after door, to only arrive at another locked door. During the attempt to break in, we always carry that worry of our creation being compromised and stolen.
Solution: WriteSeen timestamps your content, is only exposed to vetted Industry Professionals and the copy and paste functionality is disabled in reading.
Problem 2: We lack opportunities to be in front of the decision maker, we either require agents to be seen by publishers or producers, or we go nowhere. The pool of agents is smaller than we would like it to be, they’re time poor and selective on who they take on, typically their taste is also determined by trend. 
Solution: WriteSeen exposes your content to every credible Industry Professional internationally, without barriers or judgement.
Problem 3: By tradition, your submission of content must be orderly, decision makers are scarce of time and measured on their success stories, writing fuels the tank of their ferocious commercial engine. So WriteSeen has simplified the way content is viewed to a uniformed industry format. 
Solution: WriteSeen requires a WriteLine, a one-line sentence selling your literature. A WriteDescription to expand on your content in a synopsis type form and we offer the opportunity of attaching a Video Pitch to share your passion and allow you to humanise your first impression beyond words.

On WriteSeen no writer gets left behind!

When we think writers we touch on Novelists, Poets, Screenwriters and Playwrights. But there’s so many more of us going unseen! That’s why this movement is to connect every single writer on earth to their decision maker. Alongside the above we allow for Songwriters, Comic Book Writers, Journalists, Academics and Video Game Designers. If I’m missing anyone, please reach out to us and we will gladly add your content type!
WriteSeen is building a path that should always have been there, you cannot deny creativity and it’s about time we all took a stand for that!