Platform for Writers

Jonathon Nimmons
Aug 31, 2023

In an increasingly digital age, the world of writing has evolved from ink on paper to pixels on screens. The emergence of online platforms for writers since the 2000s has created a space to showcase their creativity, share their stories, and reach an audience worldwide.

However, the sheer volume of content being produced and shared across the internet can make it challenging for individual writers, artists, and creatives to stand out. Additionally, factors like marketing, networking, and timing play a significant role in going from "undiscovered" to gaining recognition.

Opportunities for all writing and creative groups hosted in one central location has remained disconnected. Costs to enter competitions and engage in writing prompts lead nowhere, without remuneration and the threat of concept theft from posting on social media feeds loom close by.

The journey of a writer, aspiring to see their words in print or brought to life on the screen, is one fraught with challenges and obstacles that often seem insurmountable. In industries that are highly competitive and constantly evolving, writers from all walks of life find themselves grappling with the daunting task of securing representation, getting published, and ultimately seeing their work produced.

This uphill battle reveals the complexities of the creative world and underscores the need for change in the process and within each industry on a whole. The funnel into these creative industries is too slim, not by choice but through the commodity of time and preference. Books, films, games, and music are products to these industries, led by trends and universal appeal to maximise the return on their investment. As writers we too often fail to see that these industries are a business.

Most unsolicited contact made by creatives aiming to break in typically arrives at instant rejection. Frustrated and with very few places to turn, the independent route has today become the favoured path of travel. Is this really the answer? Or just a response to the barriers and desperation for creations to keep moving forward or die…

The way to fully realise a platform for writers is by the industry searching for what they want, quickly and anonymously on a global scale without harassment or bombardment with material they don’t want. This content timestamped against its authorship, managed at the fingertips of its creator and with each interaction by the industry recorded. Where there’s interest a conversation by the industry is initiated. In 2023 where Post-COVID technology is more widely adopted and innovative than ever, we sit Zoom calls connecting one side of the world to the other but fall short at interacting with talent that upholds multi-billion dollar industries fuelled by creativity. We must leverage our resources and catch up to today’s digitised world and utilise it to best serve both sides.

Enter WriteSeen: A home for all writers, artists and creatives to be seen by their industry

Amidst the sea of undiscovered talent, WriteSeen has carved out an environment that nurtures this creativity with educational podcasts, fostering a collaborative community, and offering valuable tools which deliver better results. WriteSeen’s mission revolves around creating a space where writers, artists and creatives can freely express themselves securely while receiving offers from verified industry professionals in a fashion which makes sense.

Creators can upload as much content as they desire without cost, supported by a video pitch, audio and video clips. Managed from their dashboard, content can be made public or hidden in a database being actively searched by literary agents, producers, publishers, and managers. The creator determines whether their work can be downloaded by industry professionals, however, each of their uploads is timestamped to offer full protection of their authorship.

This global content of screenplays, book manuscripts, poetry, music, journalism, academic papers, comic books, game designs, and play scripts, can then be filter searched to present snapshots listing all key details to save time in exactly what a professional hungry for new content is looking for. Saved to their dashboard and reviewed, notes made by industry professionals tracked by page and downloaded to their device are neatly laid out in an industry standard format.

WriteSeen is redefining the writing landscape by presenting a process which compliments both parties. It maintains all creativity in one place and replaces the fencing around breaking into industries with a track that leads to what everyone wants. One universal platform for writers where the outcome is being seen and getting made.

As WriteSeen continues to grow and evolve, it is poised to become not only a hub for writers, artists, and creatives but also a go-to destination for industry professionals seeking fresh, original content as well as promoting crossover from fields, as seen successfully so many times before as books translate into great films, poetry inspires music, and academic papers feed journalism articles.

Calls for increased diversity, inclusivity, and the exploration of unseen creativity are gradually influencing the industry's landscape with initiatives aimed at amplifying marginalized voices and broadening the scope of stories being told with demand for narratives that reflect the richness of human experience.

So ask yourself, is WriteSeen taking a large stride towards closing that gap with a platform for writers working in this way?