How WriteSeen Works

Step 1

Join a global community

Meet other creatives and Industry Pros around the world, connect via WriteChat, our in-built chat function, where users can communicate directly and privately, create communities and collaborate together.

Step 2

Upload your content

Safely and securely upload your content with a timestamp and support it with a video pitch, a link to a video or audio clip, and manage this all effortlessly from your dashboard.

Step 3

Receive offers from Pros

Industry Pros globally are actively searching our platform for content like yours to represent, publish or produce.

Step 4

Move forward with a Pro

Progress with a Pro by accepting their Shelf offer. This temporarily removes your content from public searches providing exclusivity whilst in discussions with the interested party.

Step 5

Changed your mind?

Then just remove your content from a Shelf and instantly become re-visible to all Pros again. Don't settle for less just get back out there... The right Pro is waiting to make you!

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